Saturday, March 6, 2010

audio from recent telematic performance events

April 17th performance event with musicians in Chicago and Malaysia
1st segment, 2nd segment, 3rd segment, 4th segment, 5th segment, 6th segment, 7th segment


Sonic Bridge 2 (March 23rd)
1st segment, 2nd segment, 3rd segment, 4th segment, 5th segment, 6th segment, 7th segment, 8th segment, 9th segment, 10th segment

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Fourth Annual Chicago Calling event at Brown Rice (October 2nd)
performers included: Jon Godston (soprano saxophone / Chicago), Gregory O'Drobinak — Arc of the Oven / Chicago), Williwaw (amplified ukulele / Glasgow), Steve Dalachinsky (poetry / New York City), Jim Ryan (kalimba / Oakland, Dan Godston (trumpet / Chicago), Michael Staron (bass / Chicago), and Jimmy Bennington (drums / Chicago)
first segment, second segment

CCAF4 performance event -- musicians at WNUR and Mills College (October 8th):
Performers at WNUR included Saalik Ziyad (vocals), Jayve Montgomery (reeds and percussion), Dan Godston (trumpet), Mike Staron (upright bass), and Matt Weston (percussion). Performers at Mills College included Karl A.D. Evangelista (guitar), Eric Glick Rieman (piano, toy piano, celeste, melodica), Curtis McKinney (bass), Lona Kozik (piano), Drew Ceccato (reeds), and Krzysztof Golinski (drumset)
1st segment (7:16), 2nd segment (11:08), 3rd segment (10:11), 4th segment (5:00), 5th segment (7:47), 6th segment (6:33), 7th segment (9:42), 8th segment (11:22), entire audio file (1 hr 9 min)

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Chicago-New Orleans panel discussion (October 11th)

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If you have been involved with a telematic performance event recently, and you'd like to let people know about audio, video, or other kinds of documentation that happened, please comment below and this can be updated with more info and links. Thanks.

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