Thursday, January 15, 2009

telematics logistics: software & hardware

There are many ways a telematic performance can be set up, in terms of equipment -- so audio (and video) can be transmitted. There are many advantages to doing a performance in a venue (such as a radio station, studio, or some other venue) where the equipment is already there. Internet 2 is the most powerful internet connection you could use, but many venues do not have that connection/capability. DSL or broadband are good. If you decide to do it in another venue where you have to set up the equipment, here are some suggestions:
* Make sure you have good internet connection, preferrably DSL or broadband. Use an ethernet cable, rather than Wifi, since the connection will be better that way. (There is still not a guarantee that the connection will remain constant, and in fact you can count on there being breaks and latency in the connection), but using an ethernet cable can help.
* Make sure you have a good sound interface with your computer. You could just mic the room, but if you can it would be best to mic every instrument.
* Set up monitors so you can hear how the sound mix in the room is working out, as well as the sound that's coming in from the remote locations. A sound engineer should be there to adjust levels. Maybe one person can manage both the sound levels and make sure the internet connection is solid, but you might need two tech/sound people in each venue.

There are other basic set up strategies, but the aforementioned on is a basic one that seems to work.

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Google Talk


Jack Trip

MSN Messenger




1. It is easy to download, install, and use.
1) There are latency issues. Sometimes the delays can be two or more seconds.
2) Since it is geared for talking, it is not very good for simultaneous transmission of sound -- from two or more locations.
3) Although you can set up multiple locations for an audio conference call, you can only see video from two locations simultaneously.
1) Be sure to do a number of tech runs. Make sure the audio heard in each location is at least tolerable. If the audio is too distorted or there are other problems, the settings should be adjusted.


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* What kind of microphones are you using?
* Are you planning on miking the whole room, close miking the instruments, or some other microphone configuration?

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