Thursday, January 15, 2009

telematic performance check list

Here are several things to cover to consider as you put together your own telematic performance:

* Make sure that all the artists have had enough tech runs so they are comfortable with the hardware and software they are using.

* Make sure that everyone involved is aware of the range of possibilities and limitations that are associated to telematic performances. It would be a good idea for all the artists involved with an upcoming telematic performance to explore the history, current advances, and upcoming potential regarding telematic performances, so they can have a realistic sense of the possibilities and limitations.

* How can the parameters suggested by telematic performances spark ideas about how to creatively investigate and explore new creative possibilities?

* Make sure you have given yourself enough time for tech set up, on the day of the performance.

* Make sure that each remote location has sufficient tech support. The tech support people should be in a chat session while the performance is happening -- so progress can be monitored, dynamics can be communicated to other locations, and creative and meaningful troubleshooting can occur.

* All the artists should be on the same page, in terms of of the performance plan. Whether the event will involve open improvisation, compositions, time constraints, or other dynamics and variables, everyone should be clear with each other and in agreement about what the plan is. If one plan has to be abandoned or adjusted to accommodate a contingency plan, is everyone all right with this potential?

* Is everyone comfortable with "rolling with it," in case something does go awry? Sometimes what seems like a mistake can be integrated into the creative process, with interesting results. If it's not going well, everyone should be comfortable with the performance stopping (at least temporarily) until tech issues can be resolved.

* * *

What are some other possibilities? If you'd like to add a comment, I could add more to this post.

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